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«1000 Little Things»

«1000 Little Things» — wholesale goods store. Sell only in bulk. Housewares, toys for children. The site is a restriction on the minimum order amount (from 2000 USD).

Contacted us in October 2021.
We work to the present day.
To bring to the site only wholesalers. To keep the position of the top-3 keywords, and the first position in the block of Google Shopping
What we have done:
Refined the site to suit Google Merchant Center conditions
Keyword advertising for top products, seasonal items and items that need to sell out quickly
Google Shopping for all the products on the site
Remarketing to everyone who visited the site
Separate campaigns with a dedicated budget for top products and seasonal items
Seasonal periods
(for example: New Year, new product arrivals)
80 thousand UAH per month
Advertising budget:
Non-seasonal periods
40 thousand UAH per month
Holding the first positions in the ad units
Seasonal periods:
Daily from 20 sales per day with average bill not less than 200 c.u.
Conversion rate 15.67% (how often the interaction with the ads lead to a conversion)
Average cost per conversion is 10,68 UAH
Non-seasonal periods:
Daily up to 15 sales, average check 100 c.u.
8.60% conversion rate (how often interactions with ads lead to a conversion)
Average cost per conversion 10,54 UAH
Traffic and data on purchases during selling season
The result for 7 months of work:
Allocated advertising budget of 372,679.61 UAH
Got sales — 3 073
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