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Digital Art started with 3 employees in a co-working room. After 2.5 years, we already have 30 specialists on staff. And our office is a cozy open space, where each employee is comfortable. We did everything ourselves, searched for clients, established communication, launched advertising and worked on the name. Now the name works for us and clients find us.

The company is growing rapidly, because our team is a community of professionals with extensive experience and a desire to develop. We have 7 departments in digital sphere, which cover any need in online marketing. We know exactly who our client is and what we can do for them.

About DigitalArt

Working with our agency you can be sure that our restorers will do their best and even more :)

We always crave to do more

spent on advertising
3 537 642 $
accompanied projects
100 +
experts per team
customers satisfied with our work
Currently, we offer clients
promotion services:
To develop Ukrainian and international business in the digital space, increasing income and recognition of companies

To make our clients understand that business should scale and generate income, not only offline

Our mission


Individuality and recognizable style

Challenging the most ambitious business challenges

A team of young people who are strong as specialists and interesting as individuals

Our values

Why our clients trust us

Each of our clients is our partner. We care about the reputation of each project and take responsibility for it. Well-coordinated teamwork and regular communication with clients = high performance and results.

We do not work from templates, we follow trends, have our finger on the pulse of the market, and are always looking for new, fresh ideas, so that each product was unique and stands out from the competition.

Our team

The team is a strong point of Digital Art. Specialists who are happy with what they do, produce results, regularly improve their skills in marketing, are able to think creatively and implement their ideas.
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