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«Knizhkoviy Arsenal» is a festival that was recognized as the best festival of 2019 in London. Came to us for comprehensive promotion (SMM, Target and PPC) in order to increase ticket sales and the number of views of online broadcasts.

The Knizkovy Arsenal Festival

Prior to the festival, educate subscribers about plans for the event (voice the focus theme, talk about online and offline merchandise), and during the festival, give announcements for the day ahead

In the course of our cooperation, we changed the format and decided that the best option would be to cover the previous day. That is, we reformatted ourselves into a mode of operation ASAP (designers and copywriters would start working on the festival as needed to make our work as fast, high quality and coherent as possible).
— In three weeks of collaboration, a 106.22% increase in subscribers (+1,401 subscribers)

— Average ER for the period of work is 28.9%

— The cost of Target + SMM was 3.17 UAH

The result:
Reach the maximum number of audience and get the maximum number of conversions to buy tickets
14 thousand UAH
Budget per month:
What was done:
— Launched the campaign «Traffic to the site».

— Launched the campaign «Coverage on the site

— Launched the campaign «The event» on Facebook

— Launched video campaigns

— Engagement on Instagram

— Engagement on Facebook
Get the maximum number of clicks to purchase tickets. Increase the number of clicks.
20 thousand UAH
Budget per month:
What was done:
— Launched the campaign «CMC remarketing».

— Launched the campaign «CMC».

— Launched the campaign «Brand».

— launched two video campaigns

— Optimized campaigns

— Minus Words processing

— Processing of queries
The results for the period 08.06 — 28.06:
We spent — 16,381.00 UAH

The number of impressions of our ads was 400 956

Clicks on the ads — 19000

The average value of conversion (purchase tickets) — 4,40 UAH
The results in the search campaign:
Spent — 16,381.00 UAH

Ad impressions — 400 956

Clicks on ads — 19000

The average cost of conversion (buying tickets) — 4,40 UAH
Buy full ticket — 3084

Buy discount ticket — 643

Broadcast — 195

Online event — 22

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