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This is a Ukrainian brand, a manufacturer of women's clothing. It has existed since 2017. There is both an online store and showrooms in Kiev and Odessa. Assortment: modern classic women's clothing, also a sportswear.

We lead the client in two directions: Targeting and PPC.

Lina Malina clothing brand

The main emphasis was on Instagram, as the brand is quite recognizable in Ukraine, accumulated customer base and a warm audience. We also worked on the brand and recognition, thereby keeping the bar of advertising coverage of 1 million each month and display ads 3–4 million, investing $ 3000–3500 per month.
First month:

— Worked both dynamic retargeting and site conversions to both cold and warm audiences.
— Got 109 sales from the site, with a price of ± $6

Second month:

— Even with contextual advertising connected, sales from the site dropped dramatically and were no longer so cheap — a purchase was as low as $15.
— Dynamic retargeting stopped bringing any results at all.
— Changed the communication strategy, and advertising settings, and creatives — motion, static, posts from Instagram.

What was the communication strategy:

— was on the site, but didn't buy — creative with this offer.
— was on the site, bought, and on top of advertising for a 5% discount on the second purchase.

— Threw the cart, not bought — in the text of writing about the additional discounts.
— A good result was an advertising campaign on the top of sales with the advertising goal «Message». We chose the top positions, did for them creatives, selected the audience: those who interacted with the advertising, the audience of buyers and online buyers and wide
What we did:
Spent on Instagram: $9,047

Number of sales: 4,076.00

Selling price: $2.2

Conversion price: $0.79

Sales conversion: 45%

Sales from site: 190 pcs.

Budget spent: $ 1,752.60

Selling price: 9.2
First month.

— Launched ad campaigns for branded queries, remarketing to everyone who visited the site. Separate keyword ads for the top section of the site «sports suits».

— KMS to people who visited similar sites.

— Start of work on passing moderation in google merchant center for the launch of commercial advertising.

— During the first month we received 11 transactions and spent 1,735.21 UAH.

The second month.

— Optimization of the cost per click and increase of the quality index of campaigns. Launching a campaign by keywords for men's and women's shirts (seasonality).

— Launching a smart campaign with the emphasis on designer clothes.

— Setting up the site functionality for online purchases (LiqPay system). A number of modifications to the site under the rules of google merchant center.

— Received 18 transactions, the cost of 3,977.39 UAH.

The third and fourth months.

— Optimization of the running campaigns. Work with the audience of the site. Emphasis on the sale of the summer collection.

— The site for a long time did not pass the system google merchant center. Monthly communication with the support and refinement of the site under the rules of the system.

— Increased brand awareness and the percentage of traffic by branded keywords.

— We received 125 transactions and spent 9,159.58 UAH.
The result:
What we did:
Period of work: May-August 2021

Spent: 14 870,48 UAH.

The average price per click: 1.47 UAH.

The average budget per day: 200 UAH

The number of transactions: 153

The price of transaction: 97 grn.

Revenue: 130 260,50 UAH.

Targeting: Ukraine
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