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This is a fashion brand for women in Odessa, which came to us in the midst of a lockdown, in March 2020. While some were panicking and shutting down, BeOm realized it was the right time to make money. And they weren't wrong.
A customer came to us for PPC and Target services, wanting to build brand awareness
Increase sales through paid advertising.
What was given:
Direct sales from advertising, depends on the season and the launch of different promotions
30 to 40
What was done:
— Audit of the usability of the site, made a list of recommendations for usability and increase sales.
— Installed Google Analytics, set up tracking conversions.
— Built a semantic core.
— Setting up a campaign for keywords.
— Created all sorts of remarketing lists (abandoned cart, regular customers, new customers, anyone who didn't buy).
— Launched remarketing with themed banners for the appropriate audience list.
— Created a product feed for launching a Google Shopping advertising campaign.
— Passed moderation in Google Merchant Center.
— Launched merchandise advertising (Google Shopping) on the site's categories.
— Launched a campaign for the site's branded queries.
— Smart campaigns.
— Advertising on competitors.
— Segmentation of product advertising by price range: goods up to 600 UAH, goods 600 + UAH.
— Optimization of advertising and scaling.
— Inefficient campaigns had been switched off.
— Work on the rating of the advertising account.
— Disabled ineffective sites in the media network.
— Monthly reconciliation of sales from advertising.
— Monthly progress report and number of confirmed sales.
Budget 6000–7000 UAH per month.
Monthly result:
Oof the traffic comes back to the site for purchase
The average value of the conversion of the purchase
190 UAH
The average cost of the check
1500 UAH
The average cost of the click
1,5 UAH
The average expense per day
220 UAH
The result for 6 months:
Decreased the cost per click almost twice, from 3 UAH to 1.5 UAH. Increase in the number of sales for minimal investment. Monthly Google Advertising leads sales + 20% of the total.
The result of the conversions on the site for the last 4 months:
At first we recruited an audience, as the cold audience worked quite expensive.

Basically for the entire period of our cooperation with the project, the result was only a warm audience — that is, those who interact with Instagram and Facebook, retarget to visitors to the site, purchases — that is presales, LAL audience of 1%, 2–4%, 4–7% of the buyers for 180 e.

Also ran ads for catalog sales: for example, abandoned cart. Got about 78 bids at an average price per purchase of $5.

Also implemented promo code -10% on first purchase, for retarget promo code -5% and free shipping when ordering online.

According to the creatives, very well came the motion video format stories fashion show, creative videos.
What we did:
Price per purchase
4 918$
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