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Analysis, setup and maintenance of advertising campaigns to get the most effective indicators in Google Ads


A versatile marketing tool that suits any business
Benefits of PPC
Low starting budget
You can launch PPC even with a small budget and still get a result
Quick start and the result
Emphasized in the campaign on conversions, abandoned the campaigns "Catalog Sales"
Maximum coverage of the target audience
Made changes that directly affected conversion
Effective configuration and management
Effective advertising optimization and monitoring. Collecting a negative keywords list and adding new queries
Running ads on Google Ads consists of the following steps:
1. Writing a strategy
We study the brief filled out by the client, and then we start to study the client's niche and analyze the competitors. We draw up a portrait of the target audience and weed out the non-target audience in order to reduce advertising costs. At the same time, we estimate the seasonality of the business and give recommendations to the client about the seasonality of the demand. After all this, we develop a strategy to achieve the goals of the business.
2. Setting up the Analytics and the Google Ads account
We set up a Google Ads account, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager for the customer. We also create a Google Merchant Center account for online stores for Shopping Campaigns, if this has been agreed upon with the client. We set up all the accounts and link them together.
3. Collecting keywords
We use a special program for gathering statistics on users' search queries to compile a semantic kernel, a list of keywords which will most effectively promote your product.
4. Collection of minus-words
Using different services, we collect minus-words and minus-phrases and add them to the account, not to waste budget on clicks on irrelevant requests.
5. Creating ads
Contextual advertising has its own specifics: ads must be sufficiently capacious and, at the same time, catch the potential client. Ads are formed taking into account the USP, received from the client or formed by the specialist in the analysis of business, site customer and competitor analysis. Our specialists, both PPC and copywriters, know how to make effective ads.
6. Setting up and running ad campaigns
We compose attractive ads in google ads and set up an advertising campaign taking into account the age, interests and geography of potential clients. Setting up ad campaigns and all necessary accounts and services for the client takes about 7–10 business days.
7. Analysis and optimization of advertising campaigns
We audit campaigns, analyze the results, evaluate the effectiveness and decide how to optimize advertising campaigns to attract more clients to the campaign, reduce CPL and CPO (cost per lead and cost per order) and increase the number of orders, calls to the company, focusing on the profitability of advertising costs — ROI and ROMI.
What kinds of contextual advertising we offer:
Search ads
These are text ads that are shown to users who are currently searching for your service or product in Google. These ads lead the user to your site. The advantage of these ads is that they attract a warm audience that is already interested in your product.
Contextual Media Network (CMN)
KMS campaign is shown in the form of banners on various Internet sites with a call to visit the customer site and order services (or buy goods). It is set up for different audiences suitable for the business or visitors to the campaign site (remarketing) or visitors to other sites, such as those of competitors.
Trade campaign
It shows ads in the form of images with the main information about the product: photo, name, price. The main advantage of such advertising is that the client immediately sees the product, the price of the product and immediately understands — this is the product he needs or not. This way, we do not waste the budget on clicks if the product does not fit the client. In addition, the user can see several of your product ads and text ads, if they match his request. A trade campaign is ideal for promoting an online store.
The system itself determines which queries to show ads based not on keywords, but on the product attributes you set in the feed.
Video advertising
Video ads are hosted on video platforms such as YouTube, inside commercials or on Google's affiliate sites. Such contextual advertising should be ordered to achieve marketing goals such as brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty.
Local Campaign
A campaign that is best suited for offline businesses: cafés, stores, repair shops, etc. Such ads are shown to users who are looking for a product in a particular location or are themselves in it. It is shown on Google Maps.
With a local campaign, you can increase offline sales at your locations and advertise a recently opened point, but online sales such a campaign is virtually impossible, so online stores are better off ordering other advertising campaigns.
These are carousel ads that show up in the YouTube feed, Social Media, Promotions in Gmail, and the Google News Feed.
Great for cold audiences who haven't searched for a specific product but don't mind trying something new, it helps attract new customers. The algorithm is based on user activity on YouTube, Play Market, the contextual media network and other services.
Smart Campaign
Automated campaign, which manages advertising in Google Ads. The system itself determines how an ad will look like, who it will be shown to, and how much to pay per click. You only need to upload the information you want, and the system will combine the different options that suit the advertising sites.
The goal of this campaign is to increase the reach of interested users. Sounds very convenient, but there are nuances: during testing, you can not change the daily budget often, you can not influence the content and design of ads in manual mode. Also, Smart Campaigns cannot be run at the beginning of an ad.
Why should I order contextual advertising?
Advertising on Google has significant advantages over other types of advertising.

— Coverage of the target audience — contextual advertising involves the use of a variety of tools, which can be used to attract those who are interested in your product or service.
— It is also shown to customers at the exact moment when they are looking for a product or service offered by the business.
— The result in the shortest possible time — contextual advertising works immediately from the launch, and you can get calls and sales even on the first day. And after training campaigns, the result will improve and with proper optimization, the result will improve exponentially.

Agency Digital Art is a Certified Partner of Google, which means that when ordering ppc promotion services from us, you can be sure that the work will be done at a high level.


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Answers to frequently asked questions:
What is contextual advertising?
It is advertising in the form of ads that are shown to the user depending on his interests, internet behavior or search queries. It can be text, graphic or in the form of a video. Ads are shown on search engines, websites, apps, etc.
What is included in the contextual advertising service?
1. Strategy writing
2. Setting up Analytics
3. Gathering keywords
4. Collection of minus words
5. Creation of advertisements
6. Setting up and running campaigns
7. Analytics and optimization of campaigns
What budget do I need for advertising?
The cost of advertising on Google is individual for each client. It depends on the competition in the niche, the cost per click in the niche, the number of keywords, the number of pages you want to advertise. There is a recommended minimum budget to run contextual advertising. And you also need to understand that at the beginning of campaigns you need to allocate a certain budget for testing, while the system is trained to find your most targeted customers.
How long does it take to train a campaign?
It takes 7 to 10 days to set up and run, and 7 to 14 days to train a campaign. You should not expect much in the way of feedback during training. Clients may appear in the first days right after the launch of advertising, and after the training of campaigns (after 7–14 days) the result is much better.
How many requests will we get?
The exact figure is impossible to predict — it all depends on your niche, seasonality and the conversion rate of the site. To raise the conversion rate, you need to make the landing page as user-friendly and attractive as possible and constantly work on improving it.


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