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Instagram is one of the most popular networks today, with views, likes, and click-through rates higher than any other social network. Here you can sell almost anything, but the most relevant will be to buy advertising on Instagram to promote products that are not usually searched on Google. For example — inexpensive goods and services, info products, courses, trainings, various women's products, etc.

If you have ordered SMM services but haven't ordered targeting advertising on Instagram, most likely your profile just won't be found by your target audience. It's not enough to create a beautiful profile, you have to somehow bring subscribers to it. This is exactly what targeting advertising provides.

Advertising on Instagram

The advantages of targeting advertising on Instagram

In addition to the fact that it is a popular social network, why should
you order advertising on Instagram, and not on another platform?
  • 1
    Instagram has more than 30% of all Internet users;
  • 2
    70% of them are users aged 18–29, who respond to attractive ads;
  • 3
    about 80% of users who see the ads do the expected actions — follow the link, participate in surveys, subscribe, etc.;
  • 4
    the conversion rate on Instagram is about 40% — this is one of the highest rates;
  • 5
    the first subscribers to the page can be attracted in the first days of the launch;
  • 6
    large selection of tools allows you to correctly set up an advertising campaign for an audience that will definitely be interested in your product.

Stages for setting up advertising on Instagram

Targeted advertising is set up in several stages:
  • Analysis of the target
    Their age, interests, lifestyle and other criteria that will help to accurately segment users and set up ads to reach those people who will be interested in your product.
  • Defining the target.
    Before running ads, you need to know what your objective is: to attract more leads, increase video views, increase your brand awareness, invite users to leave an application to get their contact, or invite them to write you a direct message. Having a clear objective will allow you to control the cost of advertising on Instagram and choose the most effective ways of promotion.
  • Determining where to place the ad.
    On Instagram, ads are placed in the feed, in the form of a post with a photo or video, or in stories.
  • Creating the ad.
    It consists of a creative (a photo of a product or service or a banner ad) and a text that briefly describes what we offer. The picture should catch the eye, and the text should cover the needs of the audience, which we identified during the analysis phase.
  • Testing.
    For a complete picture, we need to create several creatives and texts for them. These ads are run simultaneously, and then we see which one gave the best result. On the basis of the data received, it is already possible to optimize the budget and launch a full advertising campaign.
What formats of advertising on Instagram can be ordered? There are several, and each has its own advantages.

Advertising formats

  • Image (single, gallery or carousel)
    A photo, catchy text and a call-to-action button (such as «Read more»). At the top, there's an «Advertisement» tag. You can show up to 10 photos in the Gallery or Carousel. This format is best for promoting an app or directing traffic from Instagram to your site.

  • Video Ads
    A video ad of up to 60 seconds in which you can talk about and show your product in some detail. It has text and a call-to-action button at the bottom.

  • Stories
    In this format, the photo or video itself will not be clickable, with a display time of 5 or 15 seconds. The text in this format is not always found, and is usually in a collapsed form. There will be a button with a link or «Read more», after clicking on it the full text will open. The advantage of this format — the ad takes up the entire screen of the user.

  • Leads
    If you want to collect contacts of potential customers, you can set up ads for applications. Such advertising will be in the form of posts, clicking on which opens a registration form. In it, you need to enter the Name, Email, Phone. Often, in return for contact, the user is offered a bonus — a discount, a free guide or other «trial» of your product.

The cost of advertising on Instagram also depends on the chosen format, so we recommend that you choose carefully.

The importance of SMM for successful advertising on Instagram

«Is it possible to order advertising on Instagram without ordering the SMM service?» You can, but we want to note that comprehensive promotion will bring more results and save your budget in the end. Very few niches do not need a social network account, so a beautiful and interestingly designed (account) will only be a plus. It will help increase audience loyalty, communicate interesting promotions and communicate with your customers, getting closer to them.

In addition, you can put some posts from the account for promotion without creating a separate ad. For example, a post about a new product, promotion or contest.
Other services:
  • Ads that accurately target the gender, age, interests, geography of your client. Thanks to this, we can predict the number of applications for your product
  • Analysis, customization and optimization of advertising campaigns to get the most effective indicators in Google
  • Promotion in social networks, creation of a set of actions to increase brand awareness, increase sales and create contact with the client
  • Development of a logo, identity (corporate identity and branding), banners for advertising and for printed materials
  • Development of design and content of the site, taking into account all the goals, implementation of the necessary functionality for maximum conversion to the application
  • A set of works to increase the visibility of the site in search engines for the target queries of your business
  • In order to promote your brand in social media, you need to select targeted advertising, otherwise you simply don't know your well-designed page
  • Here you can sell practically everything that is worth it, but the most important thing is to buy ads on instagram to promote goods, so don't sound like joking on Google
  • Smm strategy is one of the parts of the marketing strategy for a business. Її the main mission is to convey the correct communication to the brand in social media
  • Do you have your own business and have you tried to push yoga through social media? Why start? We recommend to start with us for a consultation on how to target advertising
  • Launched targeted advertising on Facebook or Instagram, but the result is not true? It is not necessary to put a cross on any type of advertising - it is better to contact our specialists for advice
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