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SEO-site SEO-audit is a comprehensive check of a site for technical errors and compliance with the requirements of search engines.

On its basis, technical errors are corrected and recommendations are implemented to improve the ranking of the site.

If you have a young website, which has recently been launched or is just being developed — you are strongly recommended ordering a SEO audit. This is what will help you eliminate problems at an early stage, and then the site will be easier to promote.

Also, a full site audit will be useful if the site has existed for some time, but does not give the desired results, if you have not engaged with the site for a long time or just want to improve the promotion strategy.

SEO audit

Why is SEO audit required?

Analysis of the technical state of the project

A common mistake that reduces the effectiveness of SEO-promotion is the technical state of the site. The larger the site, the more it can be a mistake. For example: broken links, duplicate content, slow loading speed of pages. To identify and eliminate all this, is a technical SEO-audit site.

A technical audit consists of hundreds of points, which include finding and fixing bugs on the site, optimizing the structure of pages, adjusting the necessary SEO tags and so on.

After the technical analysis of the site, we generate a list of recommendations for adjusting the structure of the site, agree with you on revisions and prepare a technical specification of the implementation of the new structure.
The structure of the site

The correct structure — the foundation of the site. With it, the site covers all the queries in your niche, and the internal link weight of the pages will be distributed correctly.

Incorrect site structure — leads to a decrease in traffic. For example, several categories are combined into one section or filters for products are not set up.

To create a website structure for SEO promotion, you need to make a qualitative audit of search queries, users' habits, your competitors' pages, and the logical structure of the website.

The logical structure — a set of all pages of the site and their location, taking into account the hierarchy. It should be built so that users on the site was simple and understandable, and they can easily move from general to specific pages to get the information they need. When the navigation system is broken, the user feels annoyed, he does not understand the logic of the site and are likely to quickly leave it.

Finding points of growth

If it seems to you that you have already done everything for the SEO-optimization of your site, and there is nowhere else to go, but the organic traffic is not growing, then you definitely need a seo-site audit.

The world of search engine promotion is not standing still, every day there are new technologies and ways to increase traffic, and good professionals are always keeping their hand on the pulse, to offer their customers the best and freshest solutions. Therefore, having made an analysis of the site, we will see what you may not have seen, and tell you how else we can make the promotion effective.

How we look for points of growth?
— We analyze the current positions of the site
— Analysis of the traffic for the previous periods and what is now
— See what pages do not involve users much
— See what your competitors have, because they are not standing still either.

Based on this, you can get additional user traffic to the site

Checking your current contractors or your team

Among other things, an SEO audit will help you check how effective the professionals you have trusted with your promotion so far are, and whether there is anything worth fixing or even replacing the contractors.

Perhaps your current specialist is not experienced enough or simply not aware of other methods. And if you've hired an outsourced specialist, there are times when they take advantage of your ignorance and do less than they could. We are not saying that all outsourcers are incompetent or unscrupulous, but two heads are better than one. So if you're not getting the results you want, it's better to double-check from the outside.
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SEO-audit services: what is included?

During a comprehensive audit, we will check both the internal and external optimization of the site. After that, we develop detailed terms of reference, the implementation of which will increase the search ranking, indexing the site, and attract more traffic from search engines.

What exactly we will check during the audit — see below.

Internal audit

Technical audit
— Duplicate pages
— Correctness of tag generation (Canonical, Hreflang, etc.)
— Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files generation
— Correctness of 404 page
— Verification of redirections to pages banned for indexing
— Analysis of dead links (404 errors) and 50X errors
— Analysis of links with 301 redirects
— URL generation accuracy
— Pagination
— Loading Speed
Content analysis
— Correctness of meta tags (Title, Description and Keywords), presence of duplicates or empty meta tags
— Correctness of the titles H1, H2, etc.
— Optimization of the texts: how well they are written (i.e. whether they are written for search engines or whether they are useful for humans); presence of double entries
— Image optimization: the presence of low-quality images, completeness of tags ALT and Title
The structure of the site
— Visualization of the current structure of the site
— Correct URL formation
— Internal links: breadcrumbs; linking blocks; filter structure
Markup of the site for search engines and social networks
— Check the presence of Schema micro markup for: Breadcrumbs, product cards, reviews and ratings, categories, organization contacts, Blog section
— Test the markup Open Graph for proper display in social networks and messengers
Functional testing
Let's test the functional of the site:

— Feedback forms
— Shopping cart

External audit

We analyze the link profile of your site to understand
— How many links now
— What are the dynamics: growth or decline, how quickly the link mass is growing
— Their quality: from spam resources or thematic
— How varied is the anchor list: what percentage of brand requests, how many unanchored keys, whether there are commercial keys (buy, order, price, etc.)

Analysis of link mass of your competitors
Choose 5–10 competitors and make similar link mass analysis of your site
Commercial Factors Analysis
A summary table comparing your site with your competitors:

— Whether there are phone numbers
— Is the physical address of the office/shop listed
— Is there an online chat
— Whether there is a «buy in 1 click» button
— Whether there are «About Us», «Contact Us», «Delivery and Payment», «Return and Exchange» pages etc.
Link strategy
Based on an analysis of your link profile and competitors —
a strategy is made:

— Number of links per month
— Which links to buy: anchor, unsanctioned, branded
— How many links from the articles, links from the forums,
with images, etc.
At the output of the audit
At the end of the audit, you get:
— A list of identified technical problems and errors on the site
— Terms of Reference for the correction of errors and page loading speed
— Information about your target audience and analysis of user behavior on the resource
— A list of recommendations for external and internal optimization
— Recommendations for improving the structure of the site
— Recommendations for the implementation of additional functionality
— Terms of reference for improving the texts
— Link strategy
— New perspective on the promotion of your project
What you get
— Position growth
— Traffic increase
— Improvement of behavioral factors
— Increase of conversions

The cost of SEO-audit

Landing Page
Business card site
Corporate site
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Local information site
Services sites
Online store up to 3000 goods
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Large informational site
Online hypermarket from 3000 goods
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Stages of a Comprehensive SEO-Audit

Obtaining access from analytics and a resource
Internal audit
External audit
Statement of work
Providing documentation
Question Answering

Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you do free audits?
We have an express audit that will reveal the most obvious problems that lie on the surface. But it won't fully disclose all the errors and recommendations for improving the project. And more painstaking and in-depth work takes a lot of time and effort, so it can't be free.
What are the terms of the audit?
From 7–21 days. Depends on the number of pages on your site. SEO promotion is not a quick process, and in order to provide high-quality SEO audit services you have to study the site virtually under a microscope, not to miss any important detail.
What is needed for a SEO audit?
For the audit, you need access from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Yandex Metrics (if any). You also need your semantic core or accesses, where you track the position of the resource.
Can I do SEO audits myself?
Yes, you can. There are a huge number of online services for the analysis of sites. In the free version, they will show the information, but limited. The paid version will show more detailed information, but it is clear more for specialists, and do not provide additional information to improve the resource.
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