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Smm strategy is one part of the whole marketing strategy of the business. Its main mission is to deliver and broadcast the correct communication of the brand in social networks.

SMM strategy

SMM продвижение

What is SMM strategy

In order for social networking to bring you the expected result, you need to think through a strategy for SMM promotion. If you rely on intuition and post on Instagram every time what comes to mind, the account will look chaotic, unattractive and in the end you will not come to anything. And before you order targeting advertising on Instagram, you need to prepare your account by making it interesting and attractive. That's why you need a systematic approach here, which is a smm strategy.

A correctly developed strategy works for the performance of the business objectives:

  • sales (through direct or link to the site);
  • increasing the number of subscriptions;
  • attraction of traffic to the site;
  • audience engagement;
  • increasing customer loyalty.

So developing an SMM strategy is a way to make your social media work effective, not just be present on Instagram, because that's what everyone does.

What goes into developing
an SMM promotion strategy?

  • 1
    Defining the product concept as well as the Tone of voice of the brand
  • 2
    Analyzing the product or brand, identifying strengths
  • 3
    Forming goals and objectives
  • 4
    Identification of the target audience
  • 5
    Research of brand/product reputation
  • 6
    Competitor analysis
  • 7
    Trend analysis according to your niche
  • 8
    Formation of a content plan and visual grid for the profile
  • 9
    Publication of approved content
  • 10
    Analysis of the work done. It is provided in the form of a monthly report
  • 11
    Making changes according to the analysis
If the initial KPIs didn't work out or can't be done, you need to make adjustments to the smm-strategy.

Usually it takes 6–14 working days to develop a smm strategy, depending on the number of promotion sites and the amount of work.

When creating a smm strategy, it's important to consider that each social network has its own characteristics: the audience and its purpose for visiting a particular site, ways of presenting content, and so on. Therefore, a strategy for brand promotion on Facebook may be different from a similar one for Instagram.

How much does it cost to make a social media promotion strategy for your business?

Before ordering the development of a social media promotion strategy, and smm services in general, you need to consider that the cost will depend on the nuances of your business direction.

The factors that affect the cost of the service are:

  • the specifics of your niche;
  • the specifics of your target audience;
  • the goals you want to achieve;
  • the social network chosen to promote the profile;
  • the format of publications (only posts or posts + posts, whether you provide content or order it from us, etc.)

Therefore, in order to calculate the exact cost of the service, a specialist will first need to analyze the brief filled out by the client.
Other services:
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  • Development of a logo, identity (corporate identity and branding), banners for advertising and for printed materials
  • Development of design and content of the site, taking into account all the goals, implementation of the necessary functionality for maximum conversion to the application
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  • Smm strategy is one of the parts of the marketing strategy for a business. Її the main mission is to convey the correct communication to the brand in social media
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