The project is pan-Asian food delivery in Kiev. The guys came to us in August 2020 on PPC and Target.
The advertising strategy was as follows:
— Branded search campaign (not to reduce organic traffic, but to overlap competitors that show up for our queries)

— Search campaign by type of food

— KMS campaign with different offers to different audiences. To new users we showed «free delivery and discount on the first order», to loyalists we gave promo codes and showed banners with big discounts.

— Campaigns for mobile app ads for Android and iOS.
What we did:
178962 UAN
We started by launching a generic meal campaign. It didn't work well, so we decided to divide the dishes into categories, while continuing to look for an approach to generic campaigns.

Next, we divided the Brand campaign into 2 different campaigns with different bidding strategies, and gave them a low priority, so they wouldn't compete. After a month, we decided to keep only one of the more salesy campaigns.

The 2 brand campaigns started producing great results separately.

On the fifth month of work began to go a little + for the general query. Also, it became necessary to add a geo for Kharkov. We started to work on recognizability of the new city.
The results for 6 months of work:
1939806,20 UAN
Received orders to the amount of:
— Increased the overall campaign in a notable plus.

— Reduced costs and increased profits through fully deployed strategies for the appointment of rates maximum conversions.

— We went in the plus on advertising in Kharkov with a minimum of coverage.

At first, the audience was cold, so it was long and expensive.

For the whole period of our cooperation with the project, the result was only a warm audience — those who interact with Instagram and Facebook, retarget on the visitors, shopping — extra sales, LAL audience of 2%, 2–4%, 4–7% of the buyers for 180d.

Since for the entire period of work, our customer did not fix the meta tags on the site, we did not have the opportunity to advertise sales by catalog — abandoned cart, for example. So we only used conversions and retargeting on site visitors (those who added to cart) using customized events.

We also implemented a bonus system and did creatives for each target audience, for example «Birthday» or «Happy Hours for Business Lunch».

A motion video went very well — the process of preparing a dish, and creativity about new discounts on certain positions every 15 minutes.
The result of 6 months of work:
9 265,64 $
Price per purchase:
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