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Have you launched targeting ads on Facebook or Instagram, and the result is not worth it? There's no need to give up on this type of advertising — it's better to ask our experts for advice.

Audit of targeted advertising

When you need to order an audit
of targeting advertising

You need to order targeting advertising audit if you work without positive results,
or you are not satisfied with the results for some reason:

  • the cost is getting more and more, but the results are zero;
  • low conversion rate of ads;
  • many requests from non-targeted audience;
  • income from orders does not pay back the investment;
  • you want to make sure that your targeting specialist works well, or find a new one.

Audit of targeting advertising from the agency Digital Art will help you to understand and correct your mistakes when you start advertising Instagram or Facebook, and stop «draining» the budget.

    What work includes the audit:

    A complete analysis of all advertising campaigns and funnels that have worked before.
    We will check the quality of advertisements (the right format, text quality, USP and call-to-action), as well as the correctness of budget allocation, key performance indicators, what was the price per lead, etc.
    Checking for the correctness of the tracking tools settings.
    Analysis of the landing page.
    It can also be that the user was interested in the ad itself, but something drove away the landing page.
    Target audience analysis.
    Showing an ad not to your audience is all efforts wasted. Audit of advertising companies will show if you have correctly chosen the people to whom you wanted to offer your product.
    Analysis of competitors and competitiveness.
    We will find out what advertising on Instagram was launched by your competitors, what were its strengths and what you can adopt, and what mistakes it is better not to repeat.
    Segmentation of the target audience.
    Creation of ads and creatives for example and test launch.
    We will visually show you how your ad and targeting setup should be to get the results you want.

    The result of the targeting
    advertising audit

    After an in-depth analysis of your advertising campaigns, we will document all the observations and conclusions in a presentation and send it to you. It will indicate the detected deficiencies and problematic issues, as well as suggestions for improving the advertising settings and marketing strategies that will help you to stimulate the growth of applications and increase the return on investment of your ads.

    If the ads led to your site and the audit of advertising in Instagram or Facebook will show that the ad itself was not the problem, but there are still few applications, we can also offer you a comprehensive site audit — probably the problem in it.

    The cost of an audit of targeted advertising

    The price of this service depends on the amount of work. If you want a deep analysis or to check a few accounts, the price will be one, and if you need an express-check to identify the cause of the effectiveness of running ads — another.

    • Express audit can be done in a tight {times} — from 1 working day.
    • Comprehensive audit — 7 working days.
    Depending on the chosen format and amount of work, the cost will be $200 — $300
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