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Do you have your own business and have decided to promote it through social networks? Where do you want to start? We recommend that you start with a consultation on targeting advertising. We will help you understand how to properly set up and run social media advertising in order to get the desired results.

Consultation on targeted advertising

Consultation on targeting includes
the following items:
  • 1
    A discussion and study of the client's business.
    This is necessary to determine the main objectives and target audience with which to work further.
  • 2
    Analysis of advertising campaigns that have been run before.
    This will help to understand how effective the previous targeting advertising was (if there was one), what were the mistakes, weaknesses and strengths.
  • 3
    Analysis of tracking tool setup.
  • 4
    Analysis of the funnel through which applications, sales.
  • 5
    Creating a TSR.
    This is a unique selling proposition, that is, what distinguishes your product / brand from the competition, how you can be of interest to your target audience.
  • 6
    Creation and approval of CA.
    Who your target audience is, gender, age, geography, interests, occupation, income level… All this affects the advertising setup.
  • 7
    Setting and approving the goals of advertising: sales, visibility, reach.
  • 8
    Definition of advertising placements.
    Which social networks will show your ads (targeted advertising in facebook and instagram is the same when creating ads, but each site has its own subtleties), will it be a tape or a story, etc.
  • 9
    Calculation of the budget to get the goals set.
  • 10
    Adjustments for creatives and an example of creatives that work well.
    Creativity is the first thing that catches the user's attention. It should be bright, catchy, provide little information, but enough for the user to understand that your proposal for him, and cause a desire to read further. Therefore, this point is important to think well before launching an advertising campaign.
Consultation format

  • A call to get acquainted with the business. We will prepare a list of questions and discuss them during the call, so that we can dive deeper into your project and better understand what you might need.
  • Filling out a brief. A brief is a document that we send to the client. It contains questions, the answers to which help us better understand your goals and objectives.
  • Preparation of the information in the form of a presentation.
  • Call to discuss the presentation and discuss possible questions.

Who needs to be consulted?

First of all, targeting consultancy is required for small businesses which are just starting their journey in online promotion. We can identify three categories of potential clients:

  • Business owners who want to advertise their product on their own, but do not have the necessary knowledge and experience in targeting advertising.
  • Business owners who want to entrust their advertising in facebook or instagram to a qualified specialist and need knowledge in this niche in order to correctly monitor the result of his work.
  • Entrepreneurs who have already had negative experiences with the launch of targeted advertising, but they understand that this is not a reason to give up on the promising direction.

The cost of consulting
on targeting advertising

The cost of this consultation should be from $100 to $200, depending on the complexity of the niche. The implementation timeframe is 5 working days. Why is it like this?

In order to give you an objective, correct and really useful consultation, the targeting specialist needs to deeply immerse himself in your project, as if he himself was planning to lead it. The task of the consultation is not just to tell you which buttons to push (although we will tell you that, too), but to build a system that will help you sell your product or service using social media. This is the reason for the cost of the consultation and the length of preparation.
    Other services:
    • Ads that accurately target the gender, age, interests, geography of your client. Thanks to this, we can predict the number of applications for your product
    • Analysis, customization and optimization of advertising campaigns to get the most effective indicators in Google
    • Promotion in social networks, creation of a set of actions to increase brand awareness, increase sales and create contact with the client
    • Development of a logo, identity (corporate identity and branding), banners for advertising and for printed materials
    • Development of design and content of the site, taking into account all the goals, implementation of the necessary functionality for maximum conversion to the application
    • A set of works to increase the visibility of the site in search engines for the target queries of your business
    • In order to promote your brand in social media, you need to select targeted advertising, otherwise you simply don't know your well-designed page
    • Here you can sell practically everything that is worth it, but the most important thing is to buy ads on instagram to promote goods, so don't sound like joking on Google
    • Smm strategy is one of the parts of the marketing strategy for a business. Її the main mission is to convey the correct communication to the brand in social media
    • Do you have your own business and have you tried to push yoga through social media? Why start? We recommend to start with us for a consultation on how to target advertising
    • Launched targeted advertising on Facebook or Instagram, but the result is not true? It is not necessary to put a cross on any type of advertising - it is better to contact our specialists for advice
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