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SLAZER — Regardless of the time of year, tracksuits remain popular and in demand. Thanks to our own in-house production system, our products are of the highest quality. For 20 years, the company's designers have been working on creating models for people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Every year we are getting better, producing products, taking into account all the fashion trends and customer preferences. In the catalog of the online store, you can pick up a comfortable closet model. Sports suits
for men and women from Slazer have excellent performance.
To get the most sales
What we did:
We requested a $300 advertising budget in advance with the expectation
of testing campaigns, analyzing and further increasing the budget for the most effective campaigns
The first thing we did was to correctly set up the Google Ads accounts, Google Analytics, and gain access to the Merchant Center from the previous contractors
We competently set up conversion tracking
We created and set up a trade campaign, and gathered semantics, grouped and created Search campaigns — separately for Men's and Women's clothing and with general queries
We also created a Discovery campaign, a Brand campaign with queries that users use to search for our company, and KMS Remarketing for the audience that had previously visited our site
Budget expenditures
36 000 UAH
From October 1, 2021, to January 1, 2022,
we got these statistics:
Next, the statistics were analyzed, and it was concluded that the trading campaign was the most effective and profitable. Therefore, it was decided to concentrate efforts on it.
Then, of course, there were difficulties in connection with the outbreak of war in Ukraine, all were on pause, and it was difficult to decide to resume work, there was fear that there would be
no sales and the company will go into deficit.
Number of orders from advertising
75 524 UAH
Return on investment from advertising was
Less effective campaigns were turned off, except for the Brand campaign,
so that customers could easily find our site in Google Search.

The Shopping Campaign was switched to the Smart Shopping Campaign, which produced even better results.
And after the New Year and before the military events in Ukraine
(from January 1, 2022, to February 23, 2022),
thanks to constant optimization, we got the following result:

Budget expenditure
31 000 UAH
Number of orders from advertising
140 000 UAH
Return on investment has already been
That is, more than 2 times higher than in the previous period
But we believed in our general success and in our experience.
This company was one of the first to launch advertising in a war and did not go wrong.

In the next two months (March 14, 2022, to May 13, 2022)
we got this result from Google contextual advertising:

Budget expenditure
34 840 UAH
Number of orders from advertising
313 763 UAH!
Return on investment as a result was
That again exceeded the previous figures in 2 times!
We are not going to stop there, and plan to run even more effective campaigns to improve customer revenue and return on investment from advertising.
Total spent on advertising sales through the site:
19 828,96 UAH
Sales by catalog + Dynamic remarketing
203 808
From 14.03.2022 to 13.04.2022 received results:
(traffic + directory)
841 661
Per purchase
28,12 UAH
The costs were
17 321,12 UAH
364 428,29 UAH