«SportCenter» is a company which is the official representative of Puma, FRND and Emporio Armani brands in Ukraine and sells branded sportswear and footwear across Ukraine with
a network of retail stores.

We were approached in November 2021 with a common goal for Target and PPC:
CRR — 12% (an indicator that reflects the ratio of advertising costs to advertising revenues).

We provide the company with 2 services: setting up and running Google Contextual Advertising and Facebook | Instagram Targeted Advertising

CRR — 12%, get maximum sales
What we did:
Checked that Google Ads, Google Analytics, Merchant Center, GTM were working correctly, since the accounts were previously created by another agency
We launched and optimized the Trade Campaign, banner KMS campaigns, Remarketing campaigns, Search campaigns, Discovery campaign
The main strategies we used were Maximum conversion value and Target Return on Investment in advertising
Also, the first month of work coincided with the Black Friday promotions, which were launched in all advertising campaigns. Therefore, thanks to the timely updates of promotions and maximum optimization of all existing campaigns, we reached our goals and even exceeded them
The expense of Google advertising budget
363 820 UAH
Statistics for
first month of work:
The next month a surprise awaited us — Merchant Center account had been accessed by the previous contractor, moderators found violations of Google's rules in Feed and blocked Merchant Center for us. While the Merchant Campaign — was the most effective of all the types of campaigns we ran.

We accessed Merchant Center and created a new data feed with the company's developer and worked to unblock the account.

At the same time, we were working on the analysis and optimization of all existing advertising campaigns. But because of the account blocking, we have lost orders.

Subsequently, we have been optimizing campaigns and eliminating problems with Feed
and various errors in Merchant Center.
Orders from Google advertising
Clicks (conversions to the website)
125 680
Amount of orders
from Google advertising
2 509 722 UAH
In the second month of work,
we got the following result:
After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, advertising was stopped. But it was one of the first companies, which was one of the first who supported the idea of restoring the advertising campaign during the war and did not lose, because the costs were small, the price per click fell by more than 3 times (as most advertisers have left the auction) and the result of the campaign was excellent.
At the moment, we continue to work with client on PPC and Target, aiming to increase the number of orders and increase customer revenue.
The expense of Google advertising budget
260 319 UAH
Orders from Google advertising
Clicks (conversions to the website)
69 259
Amount of orders
from Google advertising
1 503 781 UAH
For the last month of work was set goal, CRR = 10%.
Thanks to the launch of new campaigns, new banners and reasonable optimization of the campaigns we came to the result even at 4% better and the RRR (share of advertising costs) was only 6%
Results for the last month of work:
The expense of Google advertising budget
25 506 UAH
Orders from Google advertising
Clicks (conversions to the website)
22 973
Amount of orders
from Google advertising
782 096 UAH
Total for the whole period:
Budget expenditures
1 014 165 грн
Orders from advertising
3 774
Increase brand awareness,
increase sales
What we did:
Crafted a strategy to promote branded merchandise
We made a strategy for warming up the audience on the new collection for further sales
Wrote TOR for minor revisions to the site to fix advertising issues and improve conversion
Stats before:
In the month before contact, we had 200 orders from targeting ads.
After a month of cooperation, we already had a pretty good result — 464 purchases at the price of $6
After the start of the war, we stopped advertising.
We continued the work with 18.04. The entry into the market was with an accent on the new collection without discounts (the average check increased). For 18.04 — 22.04 we received 414 purchases at the price of $2.50

Six-month totals:
20 666$
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