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USPIWORK is a direct employer and provides job applicants in Poland

We were approached in January 2020, with no clear goal or KPI, but everyone understood that they needed to get into the normal «plus»
To get as many leads as possible
What we did:
We asked for a preliminary advertising budget of $500 with the expectation
of testing and further increasing the budget
We created and set up search and smart campaigns
We set up tags in GTM, goals in Google Ads and conversions in Google Analytics
Worked on the analysis and optimization of advertising campaigns
Processed search queries in all campaigns
Spent the budget
12 265,58 PLN
The result of 3 months of work:
We obtained
1597 сonversions
In the third month of work we switch off less effective campaigns and carried out a lot of optimization on the level of settings, campaigns, groups, ads
At the moment, we are still working with client on PPC
and working to increase conversions
To get the maximum number of applications
for the required professions
What we did:
Made a strategy for promotion
Decided not to work with the site for reasons of low conversion rate
Suggested the development of the site, in the meantime ran ads on lead forms
In 2 months of cooperation, we received 1239 leads at a cost of $0.46
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