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We are from Odessa, Ukraine. You all know that our country is at war. And it's not only a tragedy, but also a blow to the economy. But we are not discouraged and continue to work to make money for ourselves and our country. Our agency has existed for three years now, and during this time we have run more than 500 projects, including in the UK, USA and UAE. Now we have decided to expand our geography and direct our energies to the European market. In addition, our agency is engaged in volunteering, helps Ukrainian businesses to stay afloat and donates money to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
We offer you our services to create websites and promotion on the Internet. By ordering advertising with us, you will not only save money (because our services are cheaper than those of European agencies), but also help to revive the economy in Ukraine and stop the war.
Our services
  • Website Creation
    All kinds of sites — from a landing page to an individual project. We create websites on Tilda, WordPress and Open Cart.
  • SEO-promotion
    These are actions aimed at «promoting» the site. If everything is done correctly, your site will be as high as possible on the page of Google, to attract the target audience and bring you profit.
  • Contextual advertising
    These are ads which are shown to the user depending on his or her interests, behavior on the Internet or google queries. We analyze, set up and manage your Google Ads campaigns.
  • SMM services
    SMM services or Social Media Marketing are different methods of promotion in social networks, which are needed to attract and increase the loyalty of the target audience.
  • Targeting
    This is the social media advertising you've all seen if you've ever flipped through Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. The peculiarity of targeting is that it is cheaper than other types of advertising, and it is aimed at selected groups of users with certain interests.
Website development
The Pies and Friends
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PPC. Target
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